About Us

We started in business over 12 years ago with an all-natural therapeutic massage oil, called Eucalyptus Plus. In 2017 after much research of the health benefits of CBD, we added it to our product, calling it Eucalyptus Plus-CBD and it took off! We are now in all aspects of selling CBD products because we believe in them. Seeing our customers return time and time again, we knew we were on something BIG!

We opened our first store in 2019, it is called Try-It-CBD, located at 74300 Hwy 111, Palm Desert, CA. 92260. We sell all different types of CBD products; tinctures, gummy bears and a variety of edibles, creams, salves and lotions, bath bombs, shampoo and conditioners, water, soda and last but not least is our doggie tinctures and treats. And of course as more and more CBD products continue to be developed we will carry those items too!

Our Mission

Our mission is introducing and educating worldwide our select brands of CBD products to consumers on-line and the personal touch when you are in our store. We are passionate about delivering only the highest quality CBD infused products to meet our customer’s individual needs.

Our goal now, is helping people start their own business adventure with a Try-It-CBD store. We’re about sharing our story, educating and helping people navigate all the criteria of opening and operating their own store.